Christmas Tree Shops employee fired for stopping shoplifter – My Fox Boston

SALEM, N.H. ( — A local worker was not praised, but instead let go for what many say was doing the right thing.

The woman, an employee at the Christmas Tree Shops in Salem, NH, reportedly saw someone shoplifting, so she went after them. The store did not agree with her actions.

Her friends say the woman who was fired thought she was doing the right thing by helping catch the shoplifter, but it actually backfired on her.

Robert Morrissey, 28, allegedly stuffed items in his jacket and walked out without paying, and then the theft detection scanner went off.

An employee in her 60’s working the customer service desk tried to stop him.

“She chased him outside as he was running from her,” said Salem Police Sgt. Jason Smith.

Coworkers tell FOX25 that is what got her fired.

“She called out to him, asking him to stop. He refused and began running through the parking lot. She followed him. And he started throwing items onto the ground,” Smith said.

Officers say it could’ve potentially been a dangerous situation. But customers are outraged by the firing.

“She was trying to do the company a service it sounds like by protecting them,” said customer Billie Wyatt.

“It’s ridiculous,” said shopper Paul Calder. “Why would they fire her for trying to stop a shoplifter?”

The employee has been working at the store for about a year. Everyone we talked to say she was just trying to do the right thing.

FOX25 tried to get a statement from the Christmas Tree Shops’ corporate office, however, the spokesperson said they cannot discuss personnel matters.

Morrissey was released on $1,000 bail.

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