Do You Have Christmasmarkets In Great Britain?

Nearly every town in germany has a christmasmarket.they are can drink hot malt wine and eat dortmund ,where i come from,we “ve got the biggest christmastree in the is lovely.

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  1. Number 3 says:

    Yes, we do have Christmas Markets here in Great Britain. I live in Manchester in the North of England, and we have a Christmas markey every year. “The Christmas Markets incorporate a traditional German Market, a European Market, and an Arts and Crafts Market. These are held every year as a celebration of the festive season.” I’ve been to a few of the Christmas Markets, and they really are lovely – I love Christmas!

  2. ill knock the **** out of ya s says:

    no we don’t unfortunately ive bin to a xmasmarket in germany n like u said its gr8

  3. www.shut says:

    Yes, there’s one in Lincoln, mainly around the grounds of the Cathedral. I’ve been to the German ones, Aachen & Koln, which probably just beat it, but the Lincoln market was good and worth it.

  4. laplandf says:

    YES we do have christmas markets in UK. There are ones held in Lincoln and Bath, uk

  5. bumblebe says:

    We do – but they’re generally German ones!! They’re totally ace – lots of little nicknack stalls and random foodstuffs to enjoy. The one in Leeds is brill and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without wandering in every day after work for a ‘German burger’ – dunno what they’re made of but really nice and some crepes for pudding and then to walk around looking at all the stall mentally redorating the Christmas tree at home with all the wooden toys.

  6. madonna_ says:

    I don’t mind your question but isn’t it a bit early? Maybe the easter Bunny would like to have a word as well,pls!

  7. stuartalan w says:

    yeah we have a German market every Christmas in Birmingham town centre

  8. magshatc says:

    yes we have victorian christmas markets in london Richmond upon Thames is a really good one

  9. ballena says:

    yes, in some places we have copied the german christmas markets idea, Bath has one which is lovely. they put little wooden huts in the square, and you can have all sorts of treats, like hot wine.

  10. W Davey25 says:

    yes there is normally Xmas markets in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, for about 2-3 weeks leading up to Xmas

  11. wendy wee wees says:

    yeah we have a really nice one in Edinburgh.its so pretty and the food is great.Gluwein is nice

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