Local Christmas tree crop booming this year – KOCO Oklahoma City

The Christmas tree crop is doing very well at Martinbird Tree Farm in Tuttle.

Bob Martin’s 28 acres of Christmas trees have had help from Mother Nature.

He said the rainfall over the last two years is allowing some of the trees he has planted to grow a foot to 2 feet.

An average Christmas tree is about 6 or 7 feet tall and takes roughly six years just for them to get to that height.

Martin grows Virginia pine and Scotch pine among others and says the Virginia pine will grow in any type soil. 

He says most Christmas trees do not like 100-degree heat but luckily there have only been two 100-degree heat days this year.

Martin’s crop was hit hard by the drought in 2011 and he’s been recovering ever since.

However, 15,000 trees and a few years later, he is thanking Mother Nature.

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