Real tree or fake? Real trees are green!!

Yes, a little play on words, but it is BETTER to get a real tree.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Artificial trees have ecological bad points. The needles on artificial trees are mostly made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, … a major source of dioxins, a toxic chemical that can harm the reproductive, cause cancer and hurt the immune system. Plus cheap PVC is sometimes stabilized with lead, which can break free as harmful dust as a fake tree ages.

THE SCENT: Real trees become natural air fresheners, filling your home with the scent of nature, and helping to get you more into the feeling of the season!

LOCAL FARMERS: Most fake trees are NOT made in USA. Buying a real Christmas tree is one way to help American tree farmers and the US economy.

GO GREEN – RECYCLING: Real trees can be recycled into mulch and paths for hiking trees or used as soil erosion barriers for lake and river shorelines.

In the end, GO GREEN – GO REAL!

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