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  1. Head Nanny says:

    I enjoyed reading some of your posted links on the creative ways people are recycling Christmas trees. While our use isn’t very creative, it is an important resource for our goats here at Gun Plain Pygoras. Especially in light of the heavy snow and brutal cold we’ve had here in southwest MI, the post-holiday trees provide some extra nutrition, comfort and pleasure for our goats. They eat the needles, branches and bark, even though we also provide fresh water, hay and grain supplement daily – they attack these trees as if they’re “goat candy”! They seem to like standing around them – I’m sure they provide some windbreak and as goats are natural “browsers”, not “grazers”, I think it enriches the more limited space of their winter pens. Our local Home Depot in Plainwell is kind enough to allow us to pick up trees left after the holidays, to share with our Pygoras.

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