ST. LOUIS – We’re still about two weeks away from Christmas, and if you don’t have an artificial Christmas tree, it can be tricky keeping your real one fresh for Santa’s visit.

We’ve put together a simple checklist to help you out.

1. Keep the tree away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, candles, and heating vents.

2. Make sure you’re watering the tree often. They can use a gallon or more of water every day. You should never let the reservoir go dry.

3. Spraying your tree with hair spray keeps the needles on the tree longer, but it can be a fire hazard.

4. Feed your tree by mixing four teaspoons of bleach with two cups of light corn syrup in a gallon of hot water. The bleach helps clear out sap so the tree can take in more water, and the corn syrup is a simple carbohydrate food source.

We’ve put together a photo gallery of Christmas trees from our Facebook and Twitter fans. Check out the photos:


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