What Is The Name Of The Cloth Under The Christmastree?

Sorry about my english, im german!
The Question: Christmas, under your Christmastree, you, in england, got a special Cloth, drapery. How do you call this?

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  1. Maddy says:

    In America it is called a tree skirt but here in the UK it is called a tree mat. It is used because before electric lights were invented people decorated their trees with candles and the mat was used to stop the wax ruining the floor.

  2. rugby numbah 7 says:

    In the U.S. we call it a tree skirt:) My family made our own and every year we paint our hands and put our handprints on it. It looks so awesome. We have our little handprints on there for 5 years and you can see them get bigger each year:)

  3. MAGGIE MAE says:

    Sweetie, here in the States, we call it a “tree skirt.” Goodluck.

  4. I luva Christmas says:

    A skirt it’s ok about your english mine is like that too

  5. The FAME says:

    christmas tree shirt

  6. Leslie Mcavoy says:

    Tree Skirt

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